Nominated for the Mystery Writer's of America Edgar Award for the Best First Novel by an American Author

MORTAL STRAIN showcases W.H. Watford's talent for creating a thoroughly compelling and believable plot and fully-realized, emotionally involving characters worthy of a highly seasoned writer. This impressive debut novel is a darkly imagined tale,† where the stakes are high.... and the chances of survival keep getting lower.

From his first day on the job at the Elrice Prison infirmary, Dr. Jack Harris knows something is very wrong. The prisoners he sees have bizarre, life-threatening symptoms. But they are more than just sick they are dying.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of a giant corporate conglomerate that manages prison infirmaries across the country, a secret medical experiment is in progress-one that offers hope to desperately ill and permanently injured. Yet for others it holds a new kind of horror.

Searching for the truth, Jack is suddenly caught in a vast conspiracy - plunged into a nightmare world where the advancement of modern science forces some to make the ultimate sacrifice.... and where those who interfere never live long enough to tell about it.

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What people are saying about Mortal Strain.....

"A page-turner with real characters. Watford writes like itís his twelfth novel...a new Robin Cook."

-- Jake Reiss, Alabama Booksmith, Southeastern Booksellers Association

"The story begins with a bang. The pace doesn't let up until the end, and just when you think you have it all figured out, Watford throws in an unexpected twist. This gritty, Grisham-like narrative is just waiting to be transcribed into a movie script. "

-- Birmingham News